South Africa vs England, 1st Test, Day 2

England wrapped up the first innings of the match for 284 early on the second morning at Centurion. Root’s men would have been looking to go beyond South Africa by about 100-150 runs and really make the third innings an awkward one for the hosts.

Things however didn’t quite go to plan as the high quality opening pair of Rebada and Philander got England in trouble at 15-2. A recovery led by a half century from Joe Denly put England into a more satisfactory position of 140-3 however a serious batting collapse put South Africa back into firm control.

The repetitive nature of England’s dismissals over the last couple of years is infuriating to watch for any fan and things haven’t seemed to have changed under the new coach. This innings consisted of England being 20-2 and Root in early, Root then playing a nothing shot at a wide one, Bairstow being bowled and a middle order collapse. Sound familiar.     

The visitors in the end finished way short with 181 all out as the match moved on at a pace in the direction of South Africa. The third session of the day did give England some hope as Anderson like in the first innings picked up a wicket in his first over as Markram played round one. South Africa in the end finished four down for 72 and still well in control of the test match.

Debates will once again be taking place about England’s batting woes as they fall well under par yet again. England’s problem for a few years now away from home is that their bowlers can’t take 20 wickets on a flat pitch and their batters can’t score runs if the ball is doing a bit of the pitch. A vicious circle to find yourself in and one that may take time to get out of.   


England 1st Innings

R J Burnsc de Kock b Philander91520
D P Sibleyc de Kock b Rabada41210
J L Denlyc de Kock b Pretorius5011190
J E Rootc de Kock b Philander294950
B A Stokesc de Kock b Nortje354642
J M Bairstowb Nortje1600
J C Buttlerc de Kock b Philander123920
S M Curranc Hamza b Rabada202440
J C Archerb Philander31100
S C J Broadc Elgar b Rabada2700
J M Anderson0200
Extras4b 5lb 0 5w 2nb16 
Totalfor 1018153.2 overs
K Rabada151683
V D Philander148164
D Pretorius82231
A Nortje122472
K A Maharaj41180

South Africa 1st Innings

D Elgarc Buttler b Anderson0100
A K Markramc Bairstow b Curran202340
Z Hamzac Stokes b Broad397260
F du Plessisc Root b Broad298050
H E van der Dussenc Root b Curran63410
Q de Kockc Buttler b Curran95128140
D Pretoriusc Root b Curran334541
V D Philanderc Buttler b Broad358160
K A Maharajc Stokes b Archer61510
K Rabadab Broad122430
A Nortje0600
Extras4lb 0 3w 2nb9 
Totalfor 1028484.3 overs
J M Anderson204691
S C J Broad184584
S M Curran205584
J C Archer194651
J E Root40260
J L Denly3040

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