The story so far.

So having decided to start my own cricket based website I knew I had to get it ready in time for the start of England’s tour to New Zealand. This meant already having a few posts ready to go when I launched the site along with creating social media accounts to promote the website and hopefully generate a bit of traffic.

By the time I had most of that in place the first T20 in Christchurch was fast approaching and the dilemma I was having was how much content to put out for each match? It was an important balance for me to establish as I didn’t want to over commit and run out of steam at some point throughout the winter because I was committed to doing a ball by ball analysis for every England game.

I’m hoping to grow the match day features as we go along but for now Sillypoint is just providing a match report, scorecard and Sky Sport’s video highlights. This has been a really manageable load for me to work with as I’m obviously not in New Zealand and having to stay up till 5am uploading all the posts to each social media account.

One of our social media accounts we’re using is YouTube which is something I’ve never used in terms of creating my own channel and uploading videos despite spending an awful lot of time watching videos on the platform. The videos that Sillypoint are uploading at the moment are fairly basic and at the moment are just essentially adverts for the posts I’m uploading. In the future it would be nice to develop some more complex features on YouTube and really grow the subscription figures.

Another feature that I’m looking forward to exploring is perhaps stepping into the world of podcasts which is a market that is really hot at the minute. This is a great way to broadcast in perhaps a slightly light-hearted way about the game that is easy for the subscribers to follow. Obviously though I would need to find someone to do it with and research about the best way to put it together.   

Back to the actual T20 series itself and it’s probably been the toughest format to sink your teeth in to in terms of running the website due to the fast nature of it. In between innings I begin to write the match report so hopefully it will be nearly complete ready in time for the end of play. The timings back home obviously aren’t great and by 5am I am ready for bed so at times perhaps some of the content may have seemed a little rushed. The test matches maybe slightly easier as with them you can get into a certain routine whereas with the T20’s it’s one night off one on. The kinder timings of the South Africa and Sri Lanka series can’t come soon enough.

I have though really enjoyed it so far and the T20 series as ever with England and New Zealand was too close to call. I am looking to keep building Sillypoint and develop new and exciting forms of content including a fun and games section which over the last few weeks I have started to build up a few items for. Some of you may have noticed the memes and Gifs that I have made along with the quizzes and crossword all which soon will make up that particular section.

I hope most of you are enjoying following Sillypoint and exploring the various posts along the way. I would really appreciate any feedback you may have (good or bad), just simply comment on the post or email us using the address at the bottom of the homepage or even message Sillypoint on Social media. Many thanks and bring on the test series.

Go Well

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